Authentic designs and soulful collections connecting experience while increasing support of conservation efforts for wild steelhead and tarpon.  Experience the Highways and other collections...

US 101 Steelhead Highway

US 1 Tarpon Highway

Creative Services

Every authentic product and brand begins with a story affording an opportunity to fulfill a need.  Mykiss Studios can support your project needs with creative ability in brand and product development, user experience, graphic design, or storyboarding your film project.  Mykiss Studios brings breadth of experience, creative spark and a life long passion in all things angling with a conservation focus for the resource we all love.

Shoot over an email and let's discuss your project needs. Mykiss Studios can help take your aspirations to the next level, let's create something cool together.

Artwork: Rich Simms at Mykiss Studios

Concept & Design: Rich Simms

Philosophy: Every great brand starts with a story.

Photo Credits: Brian Bennett, Earl Harper, Rich Simms, Gray Struznik, Shane Anderson

Thank You: Brian Bennett, Earl Harper, Moldy Chum, Paul Moinester, Gray Struznik